23 June 2014

VEITH System


This particular VEITH Pin Table is designed in order to support the spreading and matching of knitted fabrics with horizontal and with inclined stripes, i.e. it supports yarn dyed fabric as well as printed fabrics. Together with the VEITH PinIT software it forms a strong team to improve fabric utilization and productivity.


  • Matching stripes in knitwear has always been difficult and time consuming due to the nature of the material.
  • Knitted fabrics are manufactured in a circular process creating a spiral. Opening the tube leads to fabric with inclined stripes - typical for yarn dyed fabrics.
  • As slanted stripes would mean to work in a slanted coordinate system, it is often tried to manipulate the orientation of the stripes towards a more vertical direction. This happens typical when stentering or compacting the fabric. Unfortunately this manipulation of the fabric structure often leads to bowing or wavy stripes due to wrong process parameters.
  • Traditional methods for matching tend to waste a lot of material, since the fabric is cut in panels or patterns have to be cut out with blocking tolerances.
  • The task of re-arranging the blocked pieces is time consuming and so expensive.
  • The operators doing the matching job have to be skilled and experienced, because of the elastic nature of the fabric.


Know How is the key to success. VEITH SYSTEM is not delivering just an isolated piece of hardware, but we offer our specific Know How and additional required tools, such as the VEITH PinIT software. The VEITH Pin Table is a part of a complete matching solution - the VEITH Matching Solution.

  • Our Know How is based on the experience of more than 900 installations world wide
  • Successful matching has a lot to do with correct marker making. Therefore marker making was always a key subject for us, when helping our customers with the implementation of a matching process.
  • We have developed a method, which allows for the first time to plan matching markers for fabrics with slanted stripes, i.e. for typical yarn dyed tubular fabric - being spread open width. These markers can be planned using a normal professional CAD-software. The VEITH PinIT software is required to work according to this method.
  • There are particular rules and restrictions to observe during planning markers for matching. These rules and restrictions are depending on the application and matching requirements.
  • Our concept of marker making reduces the problems of repeat variations.
  • Our way of planing markers, allows to follow various strategies to arrange patterns in the marker for a better utilization of the fabric.
  • With a VEITH SYSTEM marker it is possible to cut stripes even on a CNC-Cutter, provided certain preconditions are fulfilled.

Our Know How will make sure to implement an industrial organized matching process - a process with a clear top down structure very much similar to the process used in case of solid fabrics. In case of Polo-Shirts this process will follow the steps listed next.

  • measuring the fabrics
  • registration of the fabrics in VEITH PinIT
  • pre-process of marker making in VEITH PinIT, i.e. generating certain key data required for marker making
  • planning the marker on a professional CAD System
  • work preparation for the usage of the VEITH Pin Table using VEITH PinIT
  • setting up the VEITH Pin Table according to the before determined data
  • spreading and matching the fabric ply by ply in a combined work-step using the VEITH Pin Table
  • net cutting of the matched lay package

More detailed information about the complete process can be found on ourVEITH PinIT page.

Know How or knowledge makes the difference. Only with sufficient knowledge it will be possible to drop blocking or get away from typical panel cutting. With the data generated by the VEITH PinIT software it is possible to plan matching markers for fabrics with slanted stripes on a normal CAD software, i.e. for typical yarn dyed fabric. It is the only way to do it, because normal CAD software is working only in a perpendicular logic. Proper marker making is the precondition for a substantial reduction of fabric consumption. Our Know How and our tools are helping our customers to get there.

This is the key aspect in a situation, where the fabric costs are representing the majority of the manufacturing costs - often 60-70%. This is what counts. Other advantages - like reduced labor time - are then reduced to a highly appreciated additional benefit.



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